Patristica, supplementary volume 4 (2014)

Ed. N. Kamimura

  • Satoshi Toda, ‘Some Observations on Bohairic Literature: The Case of Vat. Copt. 57, No. 2’, pp. 1-26.
  • Satoshi Ohtani, ‘An Interpretation of Canons pertaining to Epistles from Confessors: Relationship between Confessors and Bishops’, pp. 27-41.
  • Naoki Kamimura, ‘Scriptural Narratives and Divine Providence: Spiritual Training in Augustine’s City of God‘, pp. 43-58.
  • Naoki Kamimura, ‘On the Japanese Society for patristic Studies and the Patristica’, pp. 59-62.
  • Indices, pp. 63-67.